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Mobile Apps that F&B Warehouse Managers Will Love

Do you know the strain of being tasked with managing a food and beverage warehouse, yet finding yourself tied to your desk most of the time? Good news: Mobile technology such as barcode scanning in combination with apps developed specially for warehouse management, is about to free you from your desktop.While there are different approaches to bringing mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) into the warehouse, benefits range from:

  • Having real-time data in your hand, allowing you to call the shots in the heat of the moment. This means faster and more informed decision-making and approvals, leading to greater operational efficiencies.
  • Improved communication between team members, which cuts out the tension of misunderstanding and improves collaboration.

Mobile technology: cheaper, smarter, flexible

In the past, it was common to spend over £100,000 on a warehouse management system (WMS) to accomplish much of what can now be carried out with a more functional solution. Some more sophisticated solutions may still warrant a full WMS, but small and medium-sized wholesale and distribution companies can now find affordable and mobile solutions as part of their ERP system – without requiring a dedicated WMS.

Barcode scanning solutions have been around for quite some time, but what’s changed is that they are now employing modern technologies such as smartphones, voice-controlled picking and even the ability to attached a scanner to your finger and point! What’s more, they are generally far more affordable than traditional scanners!

Are you seeking mobile solutions to your warehouse frustrations? Your options will range from installing a single mobile application on your device (e.g. a data dashboard) to having your company’s entire suite of software available on mobile. Here’s some warehouse management functions you should be able to perform by mobile:

Batch traceability

Those of us in the food & beverage business know the importance of being able to trace our produce from the field to the fork. With mobile access to batch traceability, you can achieve full compliance with labelling requirements and respond to audits in hours rather than weeks. Facing a recall? With accurate trace data on your mobile device you can withdraw only the affected products, without leaving the warehouse floor.

Health & safety

Prevent compliance catastrophes by conducting your own site inspections with smartphone apps such as Snappii’s Food Safety and Health Inspection App or Audit Reporting App. In some case, H&S apps for warehouse management even lets you automate H&S checks, giving you real-time visibility in the quality and safety of tasks performed on the floor, from wherever you are.

Warehouse space calculations

Are you struggling to scale your manufacturing to accommodate a quickly expanding business? You might have the formula available in an excel documents, but a a warehouse space calculator app will save you time in making the necessary calculations, collecting data, creating mobile forms and sharing them with the relevant decision-makers.

Download our guide on choosing an ERP that boosts your warehouse management

Warehouse leasing and capacity calculations

Is the paperwork of leasing a warehouse getting you under? Snappii’s Warehouse Lease and Capacity Calculator and Warehouse Rental Contract mobile apps will assist you with editing saved contracts, uploading completed forms to the Cloud, and more.

Warehouse inventory management

Do your frustrations lie specifically with inventory management? There’s an app for that! Warehouse inventory apps offer functionality that ranges from simply creating, uploading and printing supply records, to managing shipment in and out of the warehouse, to more comprehensive warehouse inventory modules.

Are you manufacturing a niche product line that calls for unique inventory management functions? If your existing software provider is unwilling or unable to accommodate your unique needs, you can always search for an inventory app tailored to your industry, such as the Wine/Liquor Inventory app by GoCanvas.

Warehouse management from A to Z

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a patchwork of mobile apps? Talk to your software provider about getting mobile access to the ERP and WMS functionalities you need most. Still shopping around for an ERP? Download our guide for some tips on finding a solution that supports mobile warehouse management functionality.


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