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“It came down to 'changing our systems’ or ‘let’s stay as we are’, this was until Lakeview contacted us and was able to provide the perfect solution.”

BI Europe Ltd manufactures and supplies a variety of affordable condiments. Initially providing portion control condiments for the travel industry, expansion into retail, food services and industrial clients has vastly contributed to them becoming an established worldwide brand.

Six years ago, it acquired an automated sales and purchase order processing and accounting solution from Lakeview, which has successfully formed the backbone of its business ever since.

For decades prior to Lakeview, BI Europe Ltd had been using a normal server based ERP system, and as Priyan Dhutia, ‘Head of Operations’ explains; “this was fine for wholesale, but we were in need of a complete manufacturing system.”
Lakeview, being a fully integrated end to end solution, provided BI Europe Ltd with various tools vital to their business, such as Batch Traceability and Recipe Management.

These days, BI Europe Ltd are one of Lakeview's most fervent promotors, declaring that the “biggest difference between Lakeview and other larger companies are that they will develop the software to suit your needs, it feels good, like you are part of the growth of Lakeview as they adapt their system to suit the needs of your business and the potential needs of their future clients”.