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Lakeview Services

Lakeview Services

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible technical and application support available today.

Our consultants and engineers are employed directly by Lakeview and are technology and industry experts. We will challenge, explore, mirror back your requirements and open up areas for further discussion.

We are used to managing business-critical ERP software development and taking on demanding projects that others don’t. It’s this unique strength that has made Lakeview ERP software the application of choice for over 300 customers.


Lakeview has a proven track record of successfully delivering over 300 implementations of our ERP software. When you become a Lakeview customer our consultants take your requirements, design documentation and work with you to produce a detailed specification for the configuration of our product, delivering an ‘on time’ and relevant ERP solution for your business.


At Lakeview we are continually investing in our services to help you reduce the time to implement, lower the cost of ownership of your solution and improve the return on investment of using our products. Whether your goal is to achieve incremental business improvement or a dramatic business overhaul, Lakeview Professional Services can deliver results-based solutions with a real focus on customer service.


Where we jointly agree that there is a real business need for us to customise the standard software we work with you to produce a produce a detailed specification that meets your needs.

All customisation made to the software is written in to the core application - this means you will never have a bespoke solution with a limited upgrade path. When the core software is updated so is you unique customisation.

Engineering & Services

Lakeview provides dedicated and professional IT Support Technicians whose skill sets include Windows, Mac and Novell operating systems and Exchange, SQL, ISA, Citrix, McAfee, Hyper-V and Symantec applications. They are available to help resolve software/hardware problems and provide a solution using either a remote access connection or visiting site.