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Customise our out-of-the-box ERP solution so that it suits your processes and delivers your critical data in the way it makes sense for your business.


Where we jointly agree that there is a real business need for us to modify the standard software we work with you to produce a detailed specification that meets your needs.

All customisation made to the software is written in to the core application - this means you will never have a bespoke solution with a limited upgrade path. When the core software is updated so is your unique customisation.

The specification is part business and part technical. Together we actively check the business specification and sign it off when you are comfortable we have met your requirements. The technical specification you can leave in our capable hands as the author of the standard product.

When working with Lakeview our consultants produce solution design documentation which is a unique configuration of the Standard Product and any custom development you may need. We can also provide project management to help ensure that the implementation tracks to budget, time and delivers the high quality solution that we all envisaged and specified.

Rest assured that the standard product fully supports all UK legal and fiscal needs and we regularly publish documents and software releases as part of your standard maintenance agreement with us.

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ERP customisation does not need to be a painful process, especially if you take your needs into account during your software selection.

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