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Whether you are an existing or new client, benefit from consultancy services provided by professionals experienced in our software and your industry.


At Lakeview we are continually investing in our services to help you reduce the time to implement, lower the cost of ownership of your solution and improve the return on investment of using ERP solutions. Whether your goal is to achieve incremental business improvement or a dramatic business overhaul, Lakeview Professional Services can deliver results-based consultancy with a real focus on customer service.

Our consultants have many years of real world business experience coupled with expert knowledge of our products and how best to deliver business benefits from them. We employ people who have a high focus on quality and service and whom you can feel comfortable working with.

Not only do we offer our ERP software solution, we can also provide you with your hardware and networking, or hosted and cloud solution. This enables Lakeview provides a one stop implementation and support service.

What differentiates Lakeview is that even before becoming a new Customer we take the time to work with you to determine how best the solution will fit your compelling business needs. We do this collaboratively so that you have a clear high-level vision and understanding of how our ERP solution will be configured to your specific needs.

From initial contact we carry out a complete 'needs analysis' with you so that when we demonstrate our ERP solution it is in context of your key business challenges. We provide a proof of concept that is meaningful to you and focused on your key business processes.

Keeping these best practices in mind will help you launch your deployment on the right track and keep it there throughout the lifetime of your Lakeview experience.

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Whether you are seeking support for a project, guidance in procuring ERP or simply and insight form one of our industry specialist, we have the experience and resources to help.

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