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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Got data, get results. Get more reporting power and deeper insights from the data that’s sitting in your Lakeview ERP Software.


Lakeview Business Intelligence software allows you to drill deep from high level dashboards right down into the underlying transactions. It’s not just turning data into pretty pictures, it's about seeing the data that makes your business tick.

Click on dashboard elements or charts to access underlying business data - then continue with your train of thought to discover more. By digging deep you can get to the root of a problem, or uncover a new opportunity.

There are multiple ways to utilise Lakeview Business Intelligence, present charts and reports in front of customers and suppliers on any device, use the software in staff reviews and planning meetings and to help you make data rich informed decisions.

  • Analyse your data from inside Lakeview
  • Include any custom properties for analysis
  • Multi-segment filtering and analysis
  • Dynamic analysis by any time period - day, retail week, month
  • Integrate multiple data sources
  • Include data from legacy systems for complete historic analysis
  • Optimised analysis to reduce reporting time
  • Multi-subsidiary
  • Multi-currency

With Lakeview Business Intelligence you can visualise and analyse everything in once place. Implementation is simple and within a short period of time you can start creating dashboards and reports using your data to find the answers to your most important questions.

Business Intelligence

Lakeview business intelligence software allows you to drill deep from high level dashboards right down into the underlying transactions within our ERP solution.

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