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Field Sales App

Field Sales App

Give your Field Sales Team access to pricing, stock and customer information in LV.

Sell more - more Often.

The new LV Mobile Sales Productivity add-on helps your sales force perform better in the field. It provides easy access to the correct customer, stock and order information directly from LV to ensure sales reps have access to the right data at the right time.

Give your field sales team access to LV information such as product information, stock levels, pricing and deals, outstanding balances and credit limits.


Accurate GPS and location tracking

Use customer location pins and real-time location tracking to improve and optimise route scheduling 

Analytics and Dashboards

Transform data into action. Generate Custom reports to deliver informative and actionable sales metrics 

Capture data in the field

Instantly upload photos, client data, forms, audits and signatures from the mobile device. Easy, transparent visit scheduling. Managers and sales people can manage, view and schedule visits 


Location aware activity tracking, correct stock data and instant order capturing 

Real-time sales information

Accurate client data, and access to up-to-date customer information, detail histories and notes from anywhere 


Total transparency and visibility of all customer relationships and sales activity

Accurate data entry, better sales. Sales teams will always:

  • Quote from latest price list
  • Have a view of latest stock levels
  • See arrears customers and credit limits per customer

Lakeview brings this new functionality following our partnership with Honeybee.  Honeybee is a leader in mobile CRM with over 350 companies using their app to sell more. 

Lakeview have partnered with Honeybee CRM to deliver this new functionality to LV

Watch a quick video overview of Honeybee CRM

Honeybee Overview